Welcome to Dolce Strings

Tiana Angus is a children's Violin teacher in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Dolce Strings is the private studio of Tiana Angus, a Suzuki violin teacher in Everton Hills, on the northside of Brisbane (QLD, Australia).  She is a passionate strings teacher with over 15 years experience.  Students in the Dolce Strings studio are encouraged and nurtured to explore learning the violin in an inspiring environment, with both a focus on technique and musicianship.  Tiana loves sharing her joy of music with her students and seeing them reach their potential. 

If you would like to discuss how your child can explore the joy of learning violin, please contact Tiana by using the details at the bottom of this page.

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The App that keeps on teaching...

You can see how your student is performing against the practice benchmark set for them, based on their skill level.
Students can practice at home using the notes written for them during their lesson. They can then record how long they practiced for and keep track of their progress.
Articles, photos and videos on the blog help students learn new techniques, be inspired by amazing performers and even see their own progress when it is recorded during lessons.
Yearly progress is only a tap away for students.

Weekly lessons just aren't enough to help students become great Violinists, and that's why we developed a Web App that is there for students 24/7.

The Dolce Strings App provides students with:

  • Notes from their lessons to help them practice the right things.
  • Access to inspirational content such as videos, walk-throughs and famous performances.
  • Before and after recordings so students can see their own progress.

Because the App is a website, it is available to students and parents from a PC, iPads & Tablets, and even Smartphones like the iPhone.

This makes it easy for students to:

  • Log how much practice they've done each day.
  • See their practice over the week and year, and be rewarded for their practice effort.
  • See their timetable of lessons for each term.
  • Find out about important announcements.